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Zurn-floor-sink-z1900, zurn's z1900 floor sink is a 12 x 12 sani-flor receptor 6 sump depth and comes with deep cast iron body and square, light-duty grate with 1/2 slotted openings.. Z1900-rl 12" x 12" x 6" replacement floor sink liner. the zurn z1900-rl 12" x 12" x 6" deep fabricated stainless steel replacement floor sink liner, with internal pipe gasket seal, light-duty slotted, loose set grate and perforated removable dome strainer., prevent the possibility for drainage backflow in sanitary locations by using the zurn z1900-3nh sani-flor 12" x 12" cast iron floor sink. when using equipment that will be draining water such as kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and steam equipment, it is important to use indirect draining to prevent potential backflow.

this floor sink includes 6" of sump depth and a 12" x 12" basin that ....

Protect your floor sink from foreign debris with the zurn pn1900-grate nickel bronze full grate. this grate is designed to fit onto zurn z1900 series floor sinks and is constructed of durable and decorative nickel bronze. it completely covers the sink and prevents food and other debris from entering it and potentially clogging up the strainer. it includes opening slots to allow water to enter ..., *regularly furnished unless otherwise specified dimensional data (inches and [ mm ]) are subject to manufacturing tolerances and change without notice.

A floor sink is a drain that is placed in the middle of the floor. it is not actually a sink that is in the floor but is more like a bathtub or shower drain than a sink. you can not get water out of a floor sink, nor do they have handles and spouts. they are simply a device used for the purpose of draining water, not getting water., sanitary floor sinks • pictorial guide 160 square • nickel bronze tops 49300-nb 8"top, 6" deep body 49300-lf-nb less flange page 163 49320a-nb 12"top, 6" deep body.

Zurn plumbing products groupspecification drainage operation, 1801 pittsburgh avenue, erie, pa 16502 phone 814/455-0921 fax: 814/454-7929 website: www.zurn.com page 4 sani-flor receptors prefixes z cast iron body with white acid resisting porcelain enamel (a.r.e.) interior and top. zn cast iron body with white acid resisting porcelain enamel (a.r.e.) interior, construction sites have to deal with dirt, plaster, construction waste, nails and more. stop the temptation to use drains as trashcans by protecting your drain system.. Wade specification drainage products 11910 cr 492 tyler, tx 75706 how to select a floor drain floor and area drains receive liquid from surrounding areas and by the attached piping, convey the