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Zonli-weighted-blanket-care-instructions, the zonli weighted blanket is made of natural and environmental material,both glass beads and fabric , and the hypo-allergenice, non-toxic, odorless glass beads are evenly sewned into ultra small square to make the blanket more comfortable. if you have trouble sleeping or problems with stress and anxiety, the zonli blanket is here to help you.. For best care and to preserve the life of the blanket, please wash in cold water and air dry when possible. pop in dryer on low heat for a short time with a towel to fluff if needed. large blankets and blankets weighing over 12 lbs should be laundered in a commercial washer on gentle. do not microwave or dry clean., color: zonli weighted blanket is shot in kind 100%, we use different lighting, the color may be different. and different monitors may also cause a little color difference. adaptation time: this weighted blanket is heavier than a normal blanket. maybe you feel heavy at first, but the weight of the blanket is helpful to fall asleep faster..

To wash a duvet, follow the same instructions for washing a weighted blanket. the primary difference is that, if you are so inclined, you can iron it — with steam, on low-to-medium heat. just, please, don’t iron the zippers. they will thank you., with organic cotton and a considered and breathable design, the zonli adults weighted blanket is a quality weighted blanket for adults who struggle with sleep from stress, previous injuries, or a mixture of the two.. inside, the hypoallergenic glass beads provide a comforting but still livable weight, while the extra cotton layers prevent tears and leakage for increased durability..

Sensacalm weighted blankets are helping people get the rest they need all around the world and we are confident our weighted blankets can help you or a loved one. if you have any further questions about your new weighted blanket and its usage please feel free to call or email us (855-736-7222 or [email protected] )., general rules for washing weighted blankets. remove the cover of your weighted blanket if it’s possible.; read the washing instructions and strongly follow them. usually, they are printed on the cover. check the blanket and its cover, there can be different stains which are hard to clean.if you have found some dry stains, put the spot in cold water, use a detergent and rinse it out..

If you experience anxiety at bedtime or have trouble falling asleep, a weighted blanket can help. check out these 13 best options, from experts and real reviews., how to wash a weighted blanket. weighted blankets can be of great comfort to many people. these blankets can be of particular benefit to autistic people, people with anxiety and/or sensory disorders, and keeping them clean and fresh is....

Amy garden all-seasons 7 layers preminum weighted blanket for anxiety, 2.0 adults heavy blanket for kids & adults.amy garden heavy blanket is a wonderful gifts for all occasions.