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Zolatone-paint-spray-can, zolatone has been creating tough as nails paint since our early days lining airstream trailers and protecting the trunks of classic american cars. today we're a valued creative partner for many of the world's most prestigious architects and designers, offering them a unique textured and dimensional paint.. Zolatone is a unique product that offers excellent hiding ability of stains and resists scuffing well. combined with zolatones ability to be applied to about any substrate it is no wonder that zolatone is a popular coating choice for many commercial painting projects. while zolatone is a popular product for providing a finish that will resist wear and staining, it does have unique requirements ..., frequently asked questions. you've got questions? we've got answers. check out some of zolatone's most frequently asked questions. if you still didn't find what you were looking for feel free to give us a ring at: 1.800.765.6699 or email us at [email protected] why should i use zolatone instead of regular paints?.

Rust-oleum automotive 251580 11-ounce trunk paint spray, gray and whire spatter, rollable pearl finish a pearl paint your walls will love. flex pearl is zolatone's newest finish you're sure to love. inspired by our popular pearl finish, counterpointe, flex pearl is a rollable pearl paint that will make your walls dazzle..

"zolatone 20 is the perfect oem and refinish product because of its great looks, camouflaging ability, ease of application, and substrate versatility., the zolatone sheer coat is the zolatone paint applied at high pressure (50psi) through a large diameter nozzle (.080″) spray gun. i drilled out the nozzle of a conventional spray gun of a harbor freight hvlp spray pot & gun. the zolatone website was plenty of information on how to apply, plus recommended spray guns.. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us., i'm building a 16 ft drifter want to paint the inside with zolatone can anybody give me an idea of how much paint it would take. at $60.00 a gal..

At one time i was going to attempt to spray my own in an old willie i had. seems like the only place i could find the stuff was online. if memory serves me correctly i chickened out when i learned how toxic it was, that you needed a special gun and or a special pressure to spray it, and the aluminum prep was too much work for my taste.