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Zero-waste-face-sunscreen, these chemicals, like oxybenzone (one of the most common active ingredients in sunscreen), affect the fertility of marine life and contribute to coral bleaching. we’ve talked about  reef-safe sunscreens  before, but this time we’re taking it a step further and looking for the best   zero waste sunscreen options.. This zero waste sunscreen goes on white but once you rub it in, it's clear. it's very water resistant and ewg rated it as one of the safest sunscreens on the market. it's ideal for face and body. it's extremely water resistant (up to 80 minutes) so it's ideal for swimmers and surfers., protect your skin, save the reef and go zero waste! raw elements spf 30 sunscreen to help you protect your skin while going zero waste too. made from certified all-natural ingredients, this chemical-free sunscreen provides uva-uvb true broad spectrum protection for both the face and body..

There are several brands of sunscreen available in tins which are popular with zero wasters. it’s not clear that aluminium tins are better for the environment than a plastic bottle (especially recycled plastic) so maybe don’t go out of your way to buy these just for that reason., i'm a fan of sun hats. i'm a fan of long sleeves. i'm a fan of staying in the shade. when it comes to facing the sun, i'd much rather do any (all) of these than apply sunscreen. i can't bear the thought of all those chemicals in store-bought sunscreen being absorbed through my skin, and for the longest time, i've played russian roulette with the sun. i didn't apply sunscreen, and i tried to ....

Mineral sunscreen is considered safest by the ewg. it's also considered "reef friendly." instead of absorbing into our skin, it sits on our skin. it's a large enough particle that can't penetrate. however if inhaled or swallowed, it could be harmful. so, you should avoid putting it in make-up powders or in lip balm., apart from that, the only truly zero waste method is to limit your exposure to direct sunlight, stay in the shades, wear a cap or hat, and remember that clothes absorb and shield from uv rays too..

Finally, a uk based sunscreen brand! just when i thought it was impossible to find a zero waste sunscreen option that wasn’t based in the us or australia (where they seem to have way more options), i stumbled upon shade which contains only 4 ingredients: unrefined shea butter, virgin coconut oil, non-nano zinc oxide and pure beeswax., zero waste skin care products. june 22, 2017 kathryn kellogg. i'm frequently asked about zero waste skin care and makeup products. i've decided to split this into two separate posts because there's a lot of information. if you've been following the blog long, you'll know that my kryptonite is credo beauty..

Our zero waste products come in 100% compostable packaging. delivered to your doorstep in less than a week. and we plant a much needed tree with every order!