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Zero-clearance-wood-fireplace-installation, 10 good reasons to install a zero-clearance fireplace. if you would like to add the coziness of a roaring fire to different rooms of your home, a zero-clearance fireplace may be a perfect appliance for you. these pre-manufactured fireplaces can be installed either directly against or within a few inches of combustible materials, depending on manufacturer’s instructions for the unit.. We cannot talk about the best zero clearance wood burning fireplace without mentioning flame monaco. it is an excellent fireplace that can be used for any location: be it indoor or outdoor. its superior construction makes it heat exceptionally well to provide the necessary warmth on cold nights and during winter., zero clearance fireplace systems allow you to conveniently and safely install a fireplace in tight spaces. most models vent directly out the back and through an outside wall, making chimneys unnecessary. these types of fireplaces come in many styles and sizes and range from $800 to $4,000 in price..

“zero-clearance” technology allows you to add and enjoy a fireplace to just about any room in your home because they do not require a masonry chimney. call 978-486-9500 for inquiries. littleton, acton, weston, carlisle, harvard, boxborough, ayer, devens, groton, lunenburg, ma, zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-manufactured heating appliances that are safe to place directly against or within a couple of inches of combustible materials, such as a sheetrock wall, wood, or paneling. the fact that a buffer zone is unnecessary means that zero-clearance fireplaces fit and can be safely used in tight spaces.