Zentro-fire-pit-canada, are you designing a new stone patio area for your home? or perhaps you have already created your ideal space and are looking to update your area with a stone fire pit? if so, the zentro fire pit insert is the fire pit for you!. Zentro square fire pit stainless $1,349.00 - $1,999.00 ; stainless zentro grilling package (stainless fire pit, post, & grill) $1,339.00 - $2,039.00 zentro round fire pit stainless $1,149.00 - $1,849.00, double flame patio fire pit | wood-burning, smoke-less, portable, stainless ...; hy-c fg-16 flame genie portable smoke-free wood pellet fire pit, usa made ...; solo stove bonfire fire pit - large 19.5 inch stainless steel outdoor ...; outland firebowl 883 mega outdoor propane gas fire pit with uv and weather ....

Your backyard patio project needs something different. it needs an old fashioned, real wood fire. but it doesn’t need the smoke. the solution?, double flame patio fire pit | wood-burning, smoke-less, portable, stainless steel fire pit for backyard | made in america. Zentro smokeless firepit . only found at stevens!!!! this is a true innovation in outdoor living!!! everyone loves sitting around a fire, but most are not too happy when their clothes and hair smell like campfire and their eyes are irritated and everyone is getting chased around by the blowing smoke plume!, few things bring friends and family closer together than sitting around a fire ring. but there is something else that stands out when you remember back to campfire evenings....stinging eyes and smoke blowing in your face..

"the breeo phoenix is the latest in our line of award-winning smokeless fire pits, made right here in america! designed using everything we have learned over the last 8+ years of making smokeless fire pits, the phoenix is our best fire pit yet.". not just a fire pit "impress all of your guests with your epic wood fired cooking skills!, the very early prototype of the smokeless campfire was developed by an amish gentleman in holmes county, ohio several years ago. the team at breeo industries continues to support that heritage of work ethic, living simply and caring about the little things in life..

With our new zentro smokeless fire pit, you can start enjoying your fire without the worry of smoke. the zentro™ line of fire pits is designed to easily fit into any existing or new paver, patio or stone fire pit in your outdoor living space. this smokeless fire pit fits ring sizes ranging from 30″ to 47″ in diameter.