Your-family-tree-lgbt-comebacks, the 4th and final level of the ‘your mom gay’ insult. this triumphs over any other insult such as ‘your dad lesbian’ or ‘your grandpap a trap’. once these words have been said half the earth crumbles, the recipient instantly dissolves, and any person past, present and future related to the recipient are eaten first-hand by satan himself.. this insult defies time and exisntce, and .... The absolute limit of terrible insults. no insult can get any worse than this no matter the circumstances. this insult is so powerful the second it leaves your lips all of existence, including other univeses and dimensions unknown to us, gets automatically thrown into an armageddon full of suffering and torture, a fate worse than death.any previous insult is microscopic is comparison and in no ..., if you know that your mean aunt bertha might take a run at you during a family dinner, you may want to have a couple of comebacks ready to make her look foolish for always picking on you..

Do you always find yourself trapped in a silly argument with friends and enemies? if yes, then this list shall be your glorious redemption! i’m guessing that there were times when you were in the middle of a nonsensical argument and you couldn’t help but remain silent and get overwhelmed by the situation., family insults. are your parents siblings? 40 follow us on social media for insults on your news feed. disclaimer. the content published on this website is intended as humor only. we accept no liability for any distress caused by misuse of the content on this website..

50 hilarious comebacks that will shut everyone up (and make you look like a genius), family insults database list of good funny family insults and comebacks. find a cool family insult. categories . baldness casual/general classics family famous insults fat people. ginger & red head girls guys good comebacks height house. mean idiots money nerds old people politics. relationships religion rude shakespeare skinny people ugly..

Cat got your tongue? here’s a big list of good, witty, nasty, funny sarcastic and clever comebacks for every conversation, no matter where you are! rather than kicking yourself later when you think of something clever you should have said, keep a few witty insults and comebacks at the ready, just in case. arm yourself