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Performatrin-dog-food-canada, performatrin ultra® chicken & brown rice adult recipe small bite . performatrin ultra® chicken & brown rice adult recipe small bite embraces holistic nutrition, focusing on functional, whole foods.. Judging by its ingredients alone, performatrin ultra dog food looks like an above-average dry kibble. the dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 24%, a fat level of 13% and estimated carbohydrates of about 54%. as a group, the brand features an average protein content of 28% and a mean fat level of 13%., performatrin ultra grain-free dog food review in reviewing the dog food products on this site, we begin with the score of 100, then add or subtract depending on the quality of the ingredients. this appears to be a high quality product. the first five ingredients are turkey, turkey meal, peas, salmon meal and duck meal..

The performatrin ultra grain free product line includes the 11 dry dog foods listed below. each recipe includes its related aafco nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: g rowth, m aintenance, a ll life stages, s upplemental or u nspecified. performatrin ultra grain free original puppy [ u], acana dog food. acana is produced by champion petfoods, which has been in the pet food industry for 25+ years. acana uses a combination of fresh, regionally-sourced ingredients from canadian farmers and fishers to make a food that closely mimics the diets of your dog's ancestors..

Posted 2/18/11 1:00 pm, 25 messages, we all want our pets to stay healthy and happy. so if your dog is a picky eater; has dandruff or a dull coat; food allergies or sensitivities, feeding them a premium-quality food may be the answer to many issues.. Petcurean’s now fresh is dry dog food packed full of nutritious ingredients. made for dogs of different breeds and sizes., dog clothes designed for everyday use. discover high-quality dog apparel and accessories for dogs, crafted to fit your pooch perfectly.