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Perdue-oven-stuffer-roaster-in-bag, perfectly seasoned, juicy and convenient. perdue's oven ready roaster cooking bag saves time on traditional roasting and makes cleanup a snap.. Whole roaster chicken with giblets and pop-up timer are placed in a printed bag. no antibiotics ever. fresh. *federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry. †creative shown may be approximate but not final., peapod was having this great sale on perdue chicken and on impulse i ordered a *perdue seasoned whole roaster in a bag*. the excitement of getting a bargain caused me to not pay careful attention to details, i guess, because when i cut open the outer bag, i was a bit taken aback to discover that the chicken was also sealed in an **inner** *cooking* bag..

Perdue oven ready whole seasoned roaster i love that this chicken has his own bag to be cooked in - its juices keep the chicken moist and juicy. two hours later you have a complete meal if you add vegetables and rice.. no brainer!! tammy v. foodie expert level 1. 304 reviews., tag archives: perdue oven stuffer roaster. oct 6 2013. sunday night chicken posted on october 6, 2013 by andi. there is nothing better than a roasted chicken dinner on a sunday night with my family. i have been making this chicken for so long i could make it in my sleep. easy, delicious and comforting….some of my favorite things..

I love the perdue "chicken in a bag". for those of you who might not have seen these before, here's a pic: anyway, i'm going to cook this for dinner tomorrow night, but instead of cooking it in the oven and heating up the entire kitchen, i was thinking of cooking it in the crockpot., cooked a 9.18 lb oven stuffer toaster chicken. when done-could not cut the top breast meat- rubbery. absolutely disgusting- 3.5 hours to cook & not edible.