Pequa-drain-opener-directions, non acid, non caustic. contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents. poses no threat to underground water supplies. fast acting. available at lowe's, the home depot, and many hardware stores in the northeast, except for the state of massachussetts, however it is avaiable at all the surrounding states. it is 100% safe for the environment and releases oxygen into the air, so it .... Star pure lye is an strength powerful tool to clear out drains grease traps septic systems and roots this formula the purest pequa mainline drain cleaner keeps sewer lines flowing environmentally safe dissolves all anic matter for description drain line opener sulfuric acid for sinks tubs showers and septic laterals instantly creates heat to dissolve…, shop pequa drain opener 32-fl oz drain cleaner in the drain cleaners department at lowe' non acid, fast acting, non polluting. will not harm metal or plastic pipes. cuts grease dissolves hair..

This isn't so much a survival related thread but just some home fix-it stuff. i have very slow and occasionally stopped up drains. my bathroom sinks are the worst followed by my bathtubs and the rest are ok. i have been looking into remedies for this that don't involve a gallon of draino every other day., deep sump dual outlet roof drain jr smith roof drains fill roof drains for flat roofs drain roof and overflow drain with deck plate will lazration s ae senior thesis page roof drainage 2016 05 11 plumbing mechanicalroof drainage 2016 05 11 plumbing mechanicalroof drainage design collapses and the codesaddress and premises identificationwatts rd 250….

Title. home description. excerpted from the website description: pequa industries are manufacturers of drain, cesspool, and septic tank products. languages