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Pepper-spray-cabelas, explore cabela's entire line of self - defense and personal defense items. shop today for the best deals on pepper sprays, pepper spray guns, and stun guns all competitively priced at cabelas.com.. Keep yourself ready for defense at all times with personal security product's eliminator pepper spray canister. you can pop the personal security product's canister into the hard case keychain (sold seperately) if you empty one, but it can also be used all by itself., sabre red pink pepper spray this 15-gram unit features a quick-release key ring for instant access and always-on-hand convenience. sales of this pink-cased model also support the national breast cancer foundation..

It has an adjustable hand strap and a comfortable grip for easy carrying while running or exercising. weighs only 22 grams. contains 35 bursts. colors: pink, black., pepper spray cannot be carried on a commercial airline where it is accessible. this is a federal crime with a $25,000 fine. after 9/11 there may be secured locations such as federal buildings, state buildings or any place you must pass through security where you cannot have pepper spray.. At an incredible 2 million scoville heat units, this eliminator pepper spray will leave your assailant in pain for up to 40 minutes, giving you plenty of time to run away, get help and return with the authorities. it has a range of 8 to 20 feet, which keeps you out of harm's way. plus, you get two for this incredibly low price!, according to a study by the university of utah, pepper spray will fail 30% due to weak batches. 30% failures can result in serious injury. sabre is the only brand which eliminates these failures due to weak batches by operating an exclusive in-house hplc laboratory.