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Deer-opener-michigan, antlerless deer information. license availability is limited by quotas established for each deer management unit (dmu). hunters may apply for one public land or one private land license. if licenses remain after the drawing, they will be sold until the quota is met in each dmu beginning september 8 at 10 a.m.. A state lawmaker wants to lengthen michigan’s 16-day firearm deer season by moving opening day to nov. 5 and extending the hunt through dec. 1., as michigan hunters around the state begin firearm deer hunting season, lawmakers are also taking a brief recess, known around the capitol building as “hunting break.”.

Dnr to hunters: should opener be on a saturday? by the grand rapids press lansing -- will michigan roll back its 78 year tradition of having nov. 15 as the opening day of firearm deer season in..., the calendar tells us when hunting in michigan begins, but our instincts already know. hunting is a time-honored tradition that calls enthusiasts of all ages to head for the woods and waters for the chance to track whitetail deer, elk, bear, turkey, grouse, waterfowl and other wildlife. with millions of acres of land open to the public for hunting, the opportunity to hunt and.

2020 antlerless deer digest michigan application period: july 15 - aug. 15, 2020 michigan.gov/deer rap (report all poaching): 800-292-7800 to receive hunting application reminders via text, dnr response to covid-19: for details on adjustments to dnr services, visit this webpage.for information on the state’s response, visit the department of health website.. Deer season opener sees hunters hitting the woods, fields today in michigan. wildlife biologists say it should be a productive firearms deer season in michigan.