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Deer-antler-spray-gnc, deer antler velvet contains insulin-like growth factor 1, or igf-1. igf-1 is a natural anabolic hormone that stimulates muscle tissue growth similar to human growth hormone or hgh. everyone can benefit from deer antler velvet due to its broad range of benefits - with the help of our spray, you now have access to these same benefits. Free shipping available with any purchase over $49. no cash value. void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. valid at gnc.com or when calling 1-877-gnc-4700., the only deer antler spray gnc product that specifies exactly what the ingredients include is the now sports extreme deer antler velvet extract igf-1. however, is 0.055 mcg or 55 ng of igf-i deer antler velvet extract, even if it is sourced from new zealand, effective? a nanogram is one billionth of a gram. how effective is 55 ng of igf-1?.

Deer antler spray from gnc is just one of their products. headquartered in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, gnc focuses on sales of nutrition products for health and sports that work with hch vitamins, testosterone boosters, and other hormone-enhancing products., the deer antler spray gnc product line (online and off) tends to provide limited options in regard to supplements in liquid, powder, and spray forms of deer antler products. gnc is one of the most popular sports nutrition companies in the united states. there are other retailers that provide nutritional supplements, but gnc is a market leader..

Rut - testo booster - best all-natural test formula for men - energy, endurance, strength, and stamina booster - muscle composition aid - male supplements (90 capsules/pills), deer antler spray is a supplement. it’s made from the immature tissues surrounding bone and cartilage found inside the tips of live deer antlers. the antlers naturally contain igf-1. this helps them to grow rapidly..

In a portable spray bottle, now foods has produced igf-1+ liposomal spray to boost health with an all-natural growth factor formula using the new zealand deer antler extract. this liposomal spray makes it fast and easy for the deer antler velvet extract to become distributed throughout the body for the most effective results., reports claim deer antler helped ray lewis overcome his recent triceps tear, and vijay singh has admitted to using a spray supplement. university of alabama football players also allegedly used...