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Deep-clean-old-carpet-stains, stains in your carpet are frustrating, but when they are old stains they offer a new level of dread. the cause of the stain can be unknown depending on the age which presents the problem of not knowing what carpet cleaner will be effective in removing it.. This is how you get stains out of carpets (yes, even dog pee) follow these steps to rid carpets stains caused by pets, wine, food and even urine and vomit., this is how to clean common stains out of carpeting and keep your carpet looking fresh. here, carolyn forte, director of the good housekeeping institute cleaning lab, shares how to clean carpet ....

How to remove old stains from carpet vacuum the carpet. this is important to clean your vacuum before you start your cleaning mission as dirt and grime can undo the effect of cleaning if not cleaned properly., simple solvents and solutions can do a great cleaning job and can provide a simple answer to the question of how to remove old stains from carpets. for example, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide which costs under $1 may be the solution for your problem. simply place the hydrogen peroxide on a spray bottle. spray it on the old stain..

Some set-in carpet stains are removable. the stain sticks to the fibers and may have been ground farther into the carpet. both factors make removal difficult. baking soda lifts stains and whitens fabric fibers. the only way to know if the stain is removable is to try to remove it., in addition to these methods, there are several spot removers on the market. how to clean red juice & other water-soluble stains. use a simple cleaning solution made up of 1/4 teaspoon of non-bleach detergent (or white vinegar) mixed with 32 ounces of water..

I use the vinegar and water but i use a damp cloth and iron. just spray the stain with the vinegar and water mix then place a damp towel or cloth over the stain and iron over it. you can see the stain transfer from the carpet to the cloth in front of your eyes., with 70 years of experience coit is one of the largest and most experienced carpet, air duct and upholsterycleaners in america. we offer carpet cleaning services across the country with markets in san francisco, santa rosa, sacramento, los angeles, san diego, seattle, houston, phoenix, salt lake city, fort lauderdale, minneapolis, denver, cleveland, louisville, cincinnati, modesto and more..

3. start up the steam cleaner. why are we using a steam cleaner you ask? i’ve looked into lots of options from dry chemical cleaning (vetoed because of the chemicals and what is left in the carpet) to steam cleaning and have decided that renting a steam machine is the best option because the chemicals are optional.